photo (6)It’s January 10th, and I have lost count of the number of people who have posted (whether on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, blog, etc.) their New Year’s Resolutions. I actually started to feel bad that I had not set couple of resolutions for myself, so I started to consider some of the following…

  • Get back to (insert weight) in (this time) after giving birth.
  • Only eat out (insert number) times per week.
  • Complete all assignments for school minimum two days ahead of due date. (i.e. this is the year I finally stop procrastinating.)
  • Complete one craft/DIY project each month.
  • Organize home office and KEEP it that way.
  • Post (insert number) blog posts per month.

As I started making my list, I realized I could go on and on. There are several things I would like to accomplish this year. Considering the fact I am giving birth to my first child in April, this year would be a good year to finally become the wife/student/worker/mommy/<insert title> that I “should” be. And then I remembered………………..


I am going to be stressed, sleep-deprived, emotional, and overwhelmed. I will probably definitely want to kill my husband MORE THAN ONCE throughout the year. Yes, I obviously want to provide my husband and child with healthy home cooked meals every single night, maintain a spotless home, stay organized and on top of everything I have going on, blog every week about the joys of motherhood, sew my baby super cute clothes, and become that MILF that I see in the magazines, etc. etc.

But do I really have to make, and shout out to the world, a few new year’s resolutions to accomplish the things I want to do. For me personally, that is just another added item to my ever-growing to-do list. Yes, I am driven in what I want to accomplish in my life. Yes, I do have goals. But I am also human, with weaknesses. I know myself well enough to accept my flaws and to realize that I should not add any extra expectations on myself that what I already have, especially this year. I do have a good marriage. I will be a good mom. I will find success. But I will fail and make mistakes at times.

I am proud of those that can make New Year’s Resolutions and stick to them. I am proud of those that stay super organized ALL of the time, are the ROCKSTARS in the classroom/office/home, are home-maker GODDESSES, and  can whip up fantastic super healthy recipes 90% OF THE TIME. I look up to those women (and men). Good Job Guys!!! Keep up the Hard Work!!

Resolution QuoteHowever, this year, I am just going to try to enjoy my third trimester of my first pregnancy. I am going to love on my brand new baby girl in April, and thank God every day for my little growing family and those I have in my life. I am going to be thankful that I have family to support me while I go to school, establish my career, and experience motherhood. Mainly I am going to try to stop and smell the roses MORE TIMES than I have a meltdown.

I am scraping the whole “New Year’s Resolutions” for the year 2014. Good luck to those who have set them. For me, though, I am just going to go with the flow, relish the joys and accomplishments this year, and just shrug off the days I come up short of my expectations for myself.