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Outdoor Adventures

As a young married couple, one would expect my husband and I to enjoy going “out on the town” or enjoying date night at a fancy restaurant. However, from our very first date, we realized we both share a love of the #outdoors. In fact, my husband will still brag years later about the first time he took me fishing and realized he didn’t have to “babysit” me. I can bait my own hook and take my own fish off the line. Our dates include sitting in a deer stand, wading into the duck blind, shooting our bows, chasing down coyotes, casting our lines, joy rides on the four-wheeler, and cruising the lake. Our dates have included hanging with the old men down by the old river slew, listening to their stories of back in the day, and working on the land at the lake. Being outdoors allows me to feel closer to God almost more so than attending church and helps me appreciate how luck I am to live on this earth.

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