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The importance of a back road

I had trouble coming up with a name for this blog. I wanted something that describes who I am-my interests, my hobbies, my personality, my life. Born and raised on the Arkansas Delta surrounded by rice, beans, and mosquitoes-I needed a name that could reflect my love of the south and the peace it brings to my heart that I doubt I could get from a “big city.”After months of contemplating the name (and focus for that matter) of this blog, I was fed up. I knew I was over thinking the whole thing. So one day on my way home after stressing about this blog and wondering if I would ever actually get it started, I decided to hit a back road and clear my head. And right there in the middle of that back country road with the radio blaring and a peaceful feeling settling deep within, I finally figured it out. Backroads are a part of who I am, a part of everything I love.

They are where I go to think when facing a problem, to cool down when I am mad, to reflect when I am sad, or just to sing out loud with the windows rolled down when I am happy. It was where I went on my first date with my husband-after he took me out to eat of course. The best views for sunrise and sunset are in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields, with no one around, on an old back road. I have to hit a back road to get to our deer stands, duck blinds, or best (and secret) fishing hole. It is where I go with my best friend to catch up and have girl time, and even my dog understands what I mean and gets excited when I say “let’s go for a ride!!” Not having a set destination and just driving helps clear my head every time I hit an old dusty road. Once I get home from the drive, I am at peace, my soul is renewed, and a blissful feeling has settled over me. That is how BackRoads Bliss came to be.

Now, the focus of the blog – that has yet to be determined. However, as I am a girly girl who loves to get muddy, a cook who can kill, catch, clean (and attempting to grow) her own food, a gal who loves to try out new “pinterest” crafts and homemade goods, I figure I may have something to write about or at least plenty of “what not to do!” stories to share! Perhaps finally staring this blog will keep me from procrastinating on other projects as well.

Let’s see what happens… besides if I ever have writer’s block all I have to do is walk out the door, drive a mile down the road, make a turn to the right, crank up the music, and roll the windows down. With the dust in my rearview and the wind in my hair, I’m sure I’ll come up with something to write about next.

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