Make your own freezer burritos! – Shutterbean

Make your own freezer burritos! – Shutterbean.

I have to remember this!!!

We always buy the prepackaged, microwavable burritos at WalMart/Kroger!  This looks so much better and pretty easy too! Putting it on my do to list this weekend!

Talking the talk, but am I walking the walk?

My job is recycling.  I was hired to maintain the Recycling Grants program and develop a recycling education program for a six county Solid Waste District. This includes coordinating the office recycling program, helping cities and counties develop recycling programs, and promote recycling in schools.  I help coordinate community-wide recycling events and workshops and educate people on why they should do it.


That is my motto…..  That is what I preach… That is what I do…..  at least I do at work.

My friend came to see me at work yesterday.  As we were talking about my new position, she asked me a very pertinent question, “How are your recycling activities going at home, away from the office?  Do you practice what you preach?”  Red-faced and guilty-feeling I had to admit that my recycling activities at home are non-existent.  Whoops! Guess I am much better at running my mouth about what others should do, while not actually practicing what I preach. I was asked this yesterday, and it has bugged me ever since.  Why don’t we recycle cans or glass bottles at home?  Why do I just throw my paper away when we have a recycling facility in town that takes it? This bugged me all afternoon yesterday and was weighing heavily on my mind when I got home.  I really don’t do anything to recycle??  AM I REALLY THAT WASTEFUL! 

As I worked around the house, got supper together, did laundry, made another batch of fabric softener (that’s my next blog post), and other wifely duties, I started realizing that I am practicing the “reuse” part of my talk.  The glass jar full of tea that I just handed my husband was actually an old spaghetti (cleaned and sanitized) jar, the trash bags I use in the bathrooms and laundry rooms are actually Wal-Mart sacks rather than the smaller waste bags, my homemade fabric softener container is an old commercial fabric softener container, and that stack of newspaper in my garage will actually be in my flower bed before too long (future blog post).  I realized that while there is so much more I could do, I have already started recycling in some ways. Below are just a few examples.  I also use cardboard and newspaper in the garden (smaller boxes work good to hold Tupperware and Walmart trash-bags under the kitchen and bathroom counter).  If it is a sturdy plastic food container, I keep it to take food to the lake or for other storage (I use a sturdy plastic container frozen strawberries came in to hold my baking soda and a large Folgers coffee container works perfect for a big batch of potato salad for a weekend lake trip.)

Glass jars can be used for anything, including holding homemade facial scrubs and cooking utensils.

Glass jars can be used for anything, including holding homemade facial scrubs and cooking utensils. I refuse to throw any away!

Unstoppable containers is PERFECT to hold my laundry detergent.  Laundry detergent container is perfect for homemade fabric softner.

Unstoppable containers are PERFECT to hold my laundry detergent. Laundry detergent container is perfect for homemade fabric softener.

Three different shirts, All are worn out/have holes.....Use fabric for scarf!

Three different shirts. All are worn out/have holes. Use fabric for scarf!

Garden Border OR Fishing Pole Holder

Garden Border OR Fishing Pole Holder

There is always more I can do.  I am starting to compost, coming up with “new” uses for “old” items, and taking every opportunity to reduce the unnecessary waste I bring in the house.  As I grow the Montgomery Household Recycling Program, I will be sure to give updates and share any useful tips (and pics) I find along the way.

“If things start happening, don’t worry, don’t stew, just go right along and you’ll start happening too.” -Dr. Suess

I love Dr. Seuss. His quotes, as silly and goofy as most of them are, are so true, and I do believe this one fits my first blog post so well. You see, I have wanted to start my own blog for close to a year now. However, I kept putting it off because I know nothing about blogging, I didn’t have a “cool” blog name, I didn’t know what the subject would be, and because of this, and because of that, and really because I can think of every excuse to keep putting it off. Finally I realized I really did not have a good excuse. So I am going to take Dr. Seuss’s advice – I am not going to worry about it, I am not going to stew about it. Let’s just see how this blogging thing’s going to happen, and maybe I’ll start “happening too”!